I know Mr. Javier Díaz for more than 20 years.

In the workplace, Javier has shown me a high professional level in the Human Resources area, as well as a great commitment to achieving management objectives.

During his job stage at the International Center for Education and Development, a PDVSA subsidiary, Javier was the leader during the transition project of the Human Resources system, in the data transfer activities to the new SAP corporate platform. During this stage, Javier demonstrated a high level of skills in managing reports, data, and finally in the implementation of the HR system (SAP). In addition, he acted as interphase with the corporate activity in the management of the company's workforce statistics.

His level of knowledge and his professional efforts contributed to achieving the objective of implementing the system, with great precision in the final result.

In addition to his professional profile from a university career in Statistics Science, Javier demonstrated a high level of problem-solving, leadership, teamwork, communication, and a great vocation to obtain results.

As Javier's supervisor and partner, I highly recommend Javier Díaz to work as an external consultant in the Human Resources area.

V.C.   -   PDVSA 

I had the pleasure of working with Javier on the New Business Transformational initiative over the last 12 months. His organizational skills, positive attitude and willingness to jump in were key to his success and the ongoing success of the initiative. Javier is a great team player and is well-liked among his peers and coworkers. His focused attitude, hard work ethic and teaming attitude really contributed to a successful project group dynamic. I highly recommend Javier to anyone looking for a committed, engaging, high-quality employee to join your team.

A.B.    -   London Life

Javier was a student of mine through two semesters at Fanshawe College (Fall 2017, Winter 2018). Within the HRIS & Advanced Software Applications course that I taught, Javier went above and beyond by helping to be a peer tutor to multiple fellow students who were having trouble in grasping concepts and was successful in this endeavour with a kind and patience manner as well as very solid knowledge about the topic. The feedback from the students he helped was very positive and I was a witness on more than a couple of occasions his wonderful way of explaining the concepts simply, directly and gently. Javier took on the role of tutor as a volunteer, outside of class time without any bonus marks or other encouragement from myself. He achieved top marks in both courses I taught him.

I would thoroughly recommend Javier for any project or job he applies to. His professionalism, collaborative nature, ability to work through problems with intelligence and patience, and strong comprehension of what is being asked of him will make him a success in any endeavour.

J. H.  - Fanshawe College